Catchall  Accounts

A Catchall Account is set up for every web site that is hosted on Rocky Mountain Software Inc.'s web servers.  Its purpose is to handle improperly addressed email.  All email that is improperly addressed (i.e. sent to a recipient name that doesn't exist), is diverted to an alternate destination email box.

For example, if an email is sent addressed to batman @, and there is no Batman email account set up at, this email will be automatically forwarded to a special 'catchall' email account at

If no Catchall Account is set up, the message is automatically returned to the sender.

By default we set up Catchall Accounts for each of our customers, but you may opt to remove it, if you wish.  Normally, it is to your advantage to receive mis-spelled emails.

We recommend you use a catchall account.  It is not uncommon for customers to mis-spell your email address.

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