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Rocky Mountain Spam Filter

Nothing to download - No updates to your PC are required.  It's all handled on our server before you get your email.


We have now implemented a sophisticated spam email filtering system on our servers.  Each subscriber's email is analyzed according to thousands of filtering algorithms, and if the email reaches a certain 'score', it is marked as spam. 

The marked email is downloaded by your email program as usual, but is instantly and transparently diverted to your trash folder, or to a special folder that you can review periodically.  

The spam filter currently filters over 96% of all spam email messages.

How It Works

The filtering process does not delete any of your email messages. Instead, it analyses the incoming email using thousands of spam signatures, and if the message appears to be spam, the subject line of the email is modified by prepending the phrase "SPAM (n.nn)" to the original subject line ("n.nn" is a number that indicates the spam score). You modify your email program to add a single filter rule, to automatically move such marked emails to the trash or to a special folder for periodic review.

Here's what the subject line looks like before it is filtered:

From: PerfectHealth <>
Subject: Healthy Gifts for the Holidays! Special Offer!

And here's what it looks like after it is processed by our spam filter software:

From: PerfectHealth <>
Subject: SPAM (17.35): Healthy Gifts for the Holidays! Special Offer!

With our spam filter in place, and one simple rule set up on your PC's email program, almost all spam will be eliminated from your inbox. spam that makes it past our filters will be added to our spam signature database, so that they don't get through a second time.

CLICK HERE to see some full examples of filtered spam email messages.

Where does the spam go?

By setting up one simple rule in your email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.), you control where spam messages are placed. You can have them automatically put directly into the trash, or you can have them put in a temporary folder that you can review periodically, in case a non-spam email gets tagged accidentally. You decide.


The cost to add this feature to your email account is CAD$ 5.00 per month (plus GST) per email account, billed quarterly in advance to your Visa or Mastercard. There are no setup or other fees. Of course, your email account must be hosted by Rocky Mountain Software Inc. in order to subscribe to this service.

Note: If you have multiple email addresses mapped to a single email account (for example, and all being sent to one email account called XYZ1), you are only charged once, not 3 times.

To Subscribe

To subscribe to this service, please call us at 604-732-ROCK (7625), or fill out the on-line application form.  Implementation of the filter usually takes 2 or 3 days.

Please be sure to specify which email accounts you wish to have spam filtered.

Spam Definition Updates

Updates to the spam filter database are done on our server, usually on a daily basis and are included in your monthly fee.  There are no patches or updates to download to your computer, as all spam filtering activity is performed on our servers (except for the final automatic drop into your trash, of course!).

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