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About Our Company

In addition to internet development of corporate web sites & e-commerce systems, we specialize in the programming & implementation of sophisticated, easy-to-use database software systems.  Our software is written using Delphi, or an xBASE language, such as Visual FoxPro, CA-Visual Objects and CA-Clipper (for legacy systems only) .

We have been designing software programs since 1985, and have a wide range of experience in meeting clients custom database needs. Our philosophy regarding the design of a database system includes:


Comprehensive design of database structures - proper normalization, ease of implementing future improvements, audit trails as required, and optimized for speed, disk space efficiency & memory impact.


Implementation of a complete set of database management & manipulation tools, enabling easy access to the data contained in the system, while providing whatever security, restrictions, and auditing capabilities that are necessary or desired.


Providing a complete set of reporting tools, to facilitate extracting the required data from the database suite, in the best form and format.

Current Software Design Experience

We have created and maintain a variety of database systems, such as:

bulletStock Market Research Databases
bulletLegal Aid Databases
bulletMedical Testing & Statistics
bulletFundraising Systems
bulletServices Management & Statistics
bulletCustomized Contact & Sales Management
bulletWholesale Fashion Sales & Inventory Management
bulletTravel Agency Sales & Custom Travel Packages Management
bulletLow Income Housing Management & Statistics
bulletFast Food Restaurants Toys & Magazines - Marketing, Statistics, Scheduling, Warehousing & Shipping Management

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