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Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Product Highlights

Microsoft Visual FoxPro provides the tools you need to create and manage high-performance, 32-bit database applications and components. Its robust tools and data-centric object-oriented language make it ideal for building modern, scalable, multi-tier applications that integrate client/server computing and the Internet.

The fast way to move your FoxPro applications forward.

bulletIntegrate client/server and the Web by building multi-tier, component-based applications. Visual FoxPro 6.0 fully supports the Component Object Model (COM), which lets objects interact with each other locally, and Distributed COM (DCOM), which lets objects interact over networks. Visual FoxPro 6.0 also supports ODBC, OLE DB, and other standards for communicating with high-performance database back ends.
bulletBuild high-performance client/server applications by using Remote Views and the Upsizing Wizard. Easily query and modify SQL data remotely by using Remote Views and ODBC. Easily migrate FoxPro data to run on Microsoft SQL Server™ by using the Upsizing Wizard.
bulletBuild Visual FoxPro based, data-intensive business objects that other applications can easily reuse with COM and DCOM. A Microsoft Excel based application, for example, can run a Visual FoxPro COM component to mine, collate, and return data locally or remotely over a network.
bulletBuild Web database applications. Use Visual FoxPro COM components with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to build robust, Web-based applications that create dynamic Web pages by merging data with HTML.
bulletScale up Visual FoxPro applications automatically. Visual FoxPro 6.0 supports Microsoft Transaction Server, so you don’t have to write code to manage, deploy, and scale up Visual FoxPro COM components to handle multiple users.
bulletGet your FoxPro data up on the Web quickly with Microsoft Visual InterDev™. Visual InterDev provides a RAD environment and integrated site-management tools to help you create, publish, and manage dynamic Web applications. It includes powerful database tools that work with Visual FoxPro and other ODBC-based databases.
bulletShare Visual FoxPro 6.0 data with other applications. Use the Visual FoxPro ODBC driver to seamlessly access Visual FoxPro data from other applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft BackOffice, and Microsoft Visual Studio™ development system products.
bulletTake advantage of integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition. Visual FoxPro works seamlessly with Visual Studio tools such as Visual Modeler to simplify analyzing, designing, and implementing component-based solutions.

Get ready for Windows 2000.

bulletGet a head start with the Microsoft Windows® 2000 Readiness Kit, including essential developer resources and training.
bulletSimplify programming with COM+, and build distributed applications with built-in load balancing, transaction support, message queuing, object pooling, security, and integrated component management services.
bulletBuild highly reliable, self-repairing applications using the new Visual Studio Installer.
bulletDevelop a breadth of solutions from full data warehouses using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, to freely redistributable mobile database applications using the new SQL Server-compatible Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE).
bulletTake advantage of the new Windows 2000 Web Services, Active Directory® Service, Core Services, Microsoft Management Console, and much more.

Take advantage of the most productive, extensible Visual FoxPro ever.

bulletReduce development time with object-oriented programming. Visual FoxPro simplifies development by using object-oriented development technologies. Build powerful and flexible libraries of reusable objects by creating classes of code and interface elements. Use inheritance to flow changes made in a class through all subclasses.
bulletUse built-in tools to manage classes and class libraries. Manage your class libraries and find, view, and use classes in your applications with the Class Browser and the Component Gallery.

The Coverage Profiler will help you build more-stable and better-performing applications. The lower pane displays each line of code and indicates whether it executed, how many times it did, how long it first took, and how long on average it took to execute. These metrics can help you quickly locate performance bottlenecks in your code and also validate your test plans.

bulletMaximize your development time and effort with powerful, visual RAD tools. Writing code is easier than ever with the color-coded editor and intuitive debugger, which are modeled on those in the Microsoft Visual C++ development system.
bulletEase team development with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe™ integration. The Microsoft Visual SourceSafe version control system is tightly integrated with Visual FoxPro 6.0, so you can better manage source code, whether you are working by yourself or as part of a team.

The Component Gallery makes it especially easy to find and use components such as class libraries, forms, reports, and code. You can quickly move classes from the Component Gallery onto forms and reports with drag-and-drop ease.

bulletExtend existing ActiveX Controls. Visual FoxPro 6.0 lets you use ActiveX Controls in Visual FoxPro classes. You can add or change properties and methods to extend and enhance a control's features.

Move to 32-bit computing with ease.

bulletGet the power of 32-bit Windows with the speed and familiarity of FoxPro. Tens of thousands of developers have built powerful database applications with the award-winning tools and performance of FoxPro. Visual FoxPro extends this tradition with robust tools and object-oriented development technologies.
bulletDevelop applications fast using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes. Visual FoxPro 6.0 ships with more than 100 prebuilt, pretested, reusable classes that provide functionality such as data manipulation, update-conflict detection, data retrieval and searching, and Web development. They work right out of the box, so you can add them to your applications without re-creating new code each time.
bulletDevelop object-oriented applications with ease. Get the benefits of object-oriented programming sooner than ever. Use the Application Wizard and Application Builder to create applications based on an object-oriented application framework that provides the core functions for all of your systems.
bulletCreate feature-rich forms rapidly with objects. Unlike FoxPro 2.x, which requires a procedural language to create forms and controls, Visual FoxPro lets you build them visually as objects with full properties, methods, and events. To build a form, simply select the controls you need from a toolbox, place them on the form, set properties for appearance and behavior, write code for events, then run the form. It's easy and powerful!

The Application Builder makes it easy to add forms, reports, and other elements to object-oriented applications created with the Application Wizard.

bulletBuild lightning-fast, 32-bit applications with built-in Microsoft Rushmore™ technology. With its Rushmore query-optimization technology, Visual FoxPro maintains its legendary speed and power.
bulletAdd high-end RDBMS features by using database containers. Database containers provide long field names, persistent relationships, referential integrity, validation rules, triggers, and stored procedures.
bulletAdd unique functions by using ActiveX Controls. ActiveX Controls are reusable software components that you can add to existing applications with little additional coding. More than 6,000 ActiveX Controls are available to extend and enhance your applications.
bulletFinish common and complex tasks quickly with wizards. Visual FoxPro 6.0 includes more than 20 wizards that automate common and complex tasks. For example, the Database Wizard provides templates and choices for creating databases and tables such as contacts, time and billing, order entry, and expenses. Other wizards help you create forms, reports, graphs, and labels; import data; manage mail merges; publish to the Web; and more.
bulletReuse FoxPro 2.x code, screens, and reports. Reusing code and interface elements dramatically reduces the cost and time needed to migrate and debug an application. Visual FoxPro runs FoxPro 2.x code as is, and automatically converts FoxPro 2.x reports and forms to Visual FoxPro format when you open them.
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