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Once you subscribe to Rocky Mountain Spam Filtering, you must set up your email program to deal with incoming  filtered spam.  Add a single rule to your email program that states simply to move any email who's subject line begins with "SPAM (" to the trash (do not include the quotation marks).

Step-by-step instructions for Eudora v5 and Outlook 2002 are shown below.

For Eudora Pro v5 Users

Step 1 Pull down the TOOLS menu.  Click the FILTERS option.
Step 2 Click the NEW button
Step 3 Fill in the form exactly as shown here:
Step 4 Click the 'X' in the top right corner of this window, and click YES to save changes.

For Outlook 2002 Users

Step 1 Pull down TOOLS and click on RULES WIZARD.


Step 3 Check the box entitled WITH SPECIFIC WORDS IN THE SUBJECT.
Step 4 In the RULE DESCRIPTION box, click on the underlined words SPECIFIC WORDS.  A dialog box titled SEARCH TEXT will pop up. Enter the text "SPAM (" in uppercase and without the quotes, of course.

Step 5 In the RULE DESCRIPTION box, click on the underlined word SPECIFIED.  A dialog box titled CHOOSE A FOLDER will pop up. Choose the DELETED ITEMS folder or create a new folder to hold your suspected SPAM emails.

Step 6 Click the NEXT button twice to get to the last setup screen.  Enter a name for this rule:
"RockyMtn Spam Filter".

Step 7 Click the FINISH button to return to the RULES WIZARD screen, then press the OK button to exit.

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