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Broadcast Emails

This procedure will show you how to send a broadcast email to a large group of people, without having the entire recipient list displayed in the body of the email when it arrives.  There are pros and cons for this:

Include The List 
bulletif you want the recipients to know each other, and for them to be able to respond back to everybody in the list with a single click.
Don't Include The List
bulletif you don't want everyone to see who else got the email
bulletto avoid annoying people, when they have to scroll down 5 screens of email addresses just to read your message.

The Process

Step 1 Start a new email and address it to yourself
Start a new email and address it like:  "Monthly Newsletter" <>
(use the quotation marks and brackets exactly as shown, but substitute your own text and email address)
Step 2 Add your subject line
Step 3 Add your message
Step 4 Create your list of recipients
Step 5 Put the list of recipients in the BCC: box (not the TO: or CC: box!)
Step 6 Send the email

The Result

Each person in the recipient list will receive the email, without any other recipient names showing, just as if you'd sent it to them as a normal email.

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