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Rocky Mountain WebBackupTM
Automated Internet Backup Service for your PC


The Rocky Mountain WebBackup™ service is a complete, automated internet backup service for your PC, using state-of-the-art enterprise backup software.  Backups are performed during the night, during other idle times, or on demand with a single click, via high speed connection over the internet.

Some features of our backup service:

Fully Automatic Backups are completely automated, requiring no user interaction at all, if desired.
Off-site Storage In the event of fire, theft or other damage to your computers in your place of business, your data is safely stored off-site in a secure location.
You Define The Backup Schedule You set the frequency of the backups to just about any combination you want; daily, selected days of the week, weekly or selected days of the month.
You Define Which Files to Include or Exclude The Backup Client software comes preconfigured to back up most data files on all local hard drives. You can easily modify the default settings to change which files and folders are included or excluded from the backup process.
Restore Files & Folders Easily Using Windows Explorer The Backup Client software creates a new “Backups” folder item in Windows Explorer. To restore selected files and folders, simply open this folder, highlight the desired items, and click “Restore”. You can restore the files or folders to the original location, or to an alternate location on your hard drive. See the screenshot here.
Full Audit Trail You can view the status and complete listings of previous backup processes by pressing the HISTORY button. This listing includes information on each file processed and when. See the screenshot here.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel your WebBackup Account within 30 days of the account's activation and receive a 100% refund of all fees paid.

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Spam Filtering For Your Email

We have now implemented a sophisticated spam email filtering system on our email servers.  Each subscriber's email is analyzed according to thousands of filtering algorithms, and if the email reaches a certain 'score', it is marked as "SPAM" in the email subject line.

The marked email is downloaded by your email program as usual, but is instantly and transparently diverted to your trash folder, or to a special folder that you can review periodically. For example, our server-based spam filters transform

This:   Subject: Online Pharmacy - buy drugs online
    Subject: Blooooock Spaaaaam from your Inbooooox
To this:   Subject: SPAM (31.4): Online Pharmacy - buy drugs online
    Subject: SPAM (25.6): Blooooock Spaaaaam from your Inbooooox

CLICK HERE for more information and to subscribe to this service.

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RockyMtn WebMail

Remember that in addition to using Outlook, Eudora, or any other email program, you can access your Rocky Mountain Software email accounts from any internet computer in the world. This is available with all web hosting accounts at no extra charge.


We've just upgraded to Delphi Enterprise, and are very excited about the possibilities with this new and POWERFUL software development program!

We've also added the Raize Codesight Debugger to our systems, which vastly improves our ability to isolate and eliminate  program errors.


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