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Backup Client Software Screen Shots

General Screens

Please note that the backup client software that we send to you comes fully configured, so that normally you will not have to make any changes in the configuration.  Just install and forget!  For those users that want to adjust or fine-tune their backup scenario, the software provides the necessary tools.

The Backup Software Icon in the System Tray You access the backup client software by right-clicking on its icon in the System Tray:

The Main Backup Software Screen This is the main screen that is presented to you when you double-click the backup icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of the screen):

The Main Backup Software Screen:

A backup is running.

This is what the dialog looks like if you double-click the WebBackup icon in the system tray when a backup is underway.

The History Button:

View a summary of recent backups.

This is an example of the history summary:

The History Button:

View the details of a recent backup.

Each history summary item can be expanded to view complete details of each backup event:

In Windows Explorer:

Right-click a file to back it up, restore it, or view the available versions of it.

The Versions Dialog:

Depending on the Backup Plan, you can retain up to 5 versions of every file.


Properties Screens

Click the tab name on the left to view a screen shot of the desired screen. Please note:


Some of the options shown may not be available to you (grayed out), depending on which Backup Plan you subscribe to.


The backup client software comes preconfigured, so that in most cases you will not have to make any changes in the Properties screens, unless you wish to.


Click on a tab name below:


Size & Date







Backup (Primary)

Backup (Secondary)






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