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Potential Hazards That Can Affect Your Data

Water Damage

Hard Disk Head Crash

Massive Head Crash

Fire Damage

Broken Backup Tapes

Crushed Notebook


Rocky Mountain WebBackup™

Backup Plans & Prices

The following prices reflect the monthly charge for a subscription to backup a single computer.  Volume discounts and custom backup packages are available on request.


Full backup performed daily or on demand


Retains unlimited versions of each file and deleted files for 30 days


Prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars.


Prices shown are for desktop and laptop computers. Please contact us for server pricing.

Backup Plan Backup Size Cost Per Month
Plan 7 Up to 7 GB $ 39.95
Plan 10 Up to 10 GB $ 42.95
Plan 15 Up to 15 GB $ 45.95
Plan 20 Up to 20 GB $ 48.95

Other Fees & Conditions

One-time Setup Fee Preparation of custom client software and setting up backup account $ 50.00
setup fee
Additional Storage For storage of backup files exceeding 20 GB $ .75
per 1 GB
Referral Fee We will credit you for 2 months of your existing backup plan for every client you refer to us that signs up for a Rocky Mountain WebBackup™ account. 2 Months Free Backup
Recovery Assistance Most restoration of data can be performed by the client themselves from their PC at no extra charge.

If additional technical assistance is required, we will be pleased to help..

$ 95.00
per hour
Billing Cycle Fees are charged to your credit card on a quarterly basis in advance. We Accept
Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista
Windows 7, Windows Server 2000/2003.2007/2008

CLICK HERE to view screen shots from the backup client software.

CLICK HERE here to apply for a Rocky Mountain WebBackup™ account.



*U.S. Dollar & International Customers - Please Note
ll prices shown are Canadian dollars. The currency exchange rate used by your credit card company may vary from day to day.

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You can experience a sudden and catastrophic loss of data as a result of:

a hard disk crash
a computer virus
theft of the computer
a disgruntled employee
a fire or other environmental disaster
a power surge
simple user error


Many people do not backup their PCs at all!  For the rest, in spite of the best intentions, backups are done sporadically at best.

Plus, most people skip the critical step of maintaining off-site copies of their backups.


The solution is Rocky Mountain WebBackup™.

Sign up now!

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